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Tone Ninja Locking

Tone Ninja locking tuners are high quality and exceptional value. With a a 19:1 ratio, these made in Korea tuners make an exceptional upgrade to your guitar.

Available in Chrome, Black, Gold, Black Nickel, Satin Chrome and Nickel in the following standard formats:

  • 3x3
  • 4x2
  • 6 Inline Non-Staggered
  • 6 Inline Staggered
  • 6 In line Non-staggered Left handed
  • 6 Inline Staggered Left Handed
  • 7 String 7 Inline
  • 7 String 4x3
  • 7 String 3x4
  • 12 String 6x6

 Custom formats (e.g. 5x5, 2x4) available on request