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SportHiTech become Gold Tone Dealers

SportHiTech become Gold Tone Dealers

Posted by Derek Ferguson on 1st Nov 2016

We're really excited that we are now Gold Tone instrument dealers. We're always looking for that 'special product' to bring to our customers, and Gold Tone really fits that bill.

For those of you that don't know, Florida based Gold Tone design some of the most innovative instruments on the market today, including their highly regarded Microbass guitars, and their more traditional instruments such as Banjos and resonator guitars.

But wait - there's more. 

Gold Tone have also designed a range of instruments that give access to instruments like mandolins and banjos to guitarists without them having to learn a new tuning, chord shapes and neck positions. Here's an example, their F12 Mando Guitar:

Pretty cool, isn't it? Even better, these instruments are really affordable and come with a great factory warranty. 

Check out our stock here