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Bass Necks

Bass Necks from SportHiTech

There's no doubt about it, the Fender bass guitar is everywhere you look. The Fender Precision Bass and the Fender Jazz Bass, and all their variations and styles are to be found in almost every form of music.

One of the really clever things about the Fender basses is that the necks are bolt-on - which means they can be easily swapped and replaced. A wide variety of necks are made by Fender themselves, and you can find them all here at SportHiTech. Maple or roasted maple with maple, rosewood or Pau Ferro fretboards, and fretted or fretless, 4 string or 5 string. Traditionally, Fender necks have been made out of maple with either rosewood or maple fingerboards. As rosewood has become more protected in recent years, we've seen some manufacturers switch from rosewood to Pau Ferro which is a very attractive hardwood alternative. You may also find ebony wood used on some fretless necks as it is harder.

As well as genuine Fender replacement necks, we also stock licensed replacement necks. These are necks that are officially licensed by Fender, but are made by another company. These are usually slightly less expensive, and offer variations that might not be available from Fender. We stock several bass necks from WD Music who is a leading manufacturer of licensed Fender Necks.

When you buy a bass neck (whether from us, or from anyone else), the installation process involves some basic final fret finishing and polishing, and either installing a new slotted nut and adjusting it, or cutting one from a blank. Once it is bolted on the guitar, the tuners are installed and the strings under tension, the neck relief can be set using the truss rod, and final tuning and setup. When adjusting a truss rod, take it slowly. A new neck can take some time to get used to being under string tension, so it might be well to adjust and check the setup over a couple of days.